Sound Maps

“Our sense of hearing, which has until recently been underappreciated as a means of representing data, can be used to expand the representational repertoire of cartographic design….Sound, in other words, provides us with more choices for representing data and phenomena and thus more ways in which to explore and understand the complex physical and human worlds we inhabit.” 

John KrygierMaking Maps with Sound (click to read essay)

London Sound Survey


The Sound Database

New York Sound Map

MoMA Studio Sound Map

Listen to Africa

Inukjuak Sound Map

Sounding Underground (of London, Paris, Mexico City)

Favourite Sounds (Peter Cusack)

Soundlandscapes (Paris)

Sound@Media (Seoul)

LocusStream Sound Map (live microphones worldwide)

Global Sound Map (create ‘Soundprints’)


3 thoughts on “Sound Maps

  1. soundofessen says:

    great page! working on a sound map of Essen (Germany) – first the rivers in 2017

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