Acoustic Ecology

Some links to the wider community:

World Forum for Acoustic Ecology

International association of affiliated organisations who share a the common dedication to the study of the acoustic environment. You can subscribe to the newsletter, discussion list and find past issues of Soundscape: The Journal of Acoustic Ecology

World Soundscape Project

Research group founded by RM Schafer hosted at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada.

Barry Truax

Composer and research, Barry is one of the leading figures, and original member, of the World Soundscape Project. Barry Truax is still on the go and has written the largest resources for acoustic ecology and soundscape compositions found on the internet. A must read and listen.

British Library Sound Archive

A growing archive of sound and music from as far back in history as humanly possible. The British Library has hosted and taken part in symposiums across the country to promote this fantastic and still-growing archive of history through sound. They hosted one of the largest UK sound maps.

Wild Sanctuary

Home of the efforts of Bernie Krause, one of the world’s leading experts in natural soundscapes. Great link for learning the importance of soundscape ecology. See The Wild Blog for news and updates on Bernie Krause.

The Acoustic Ecology Institute

Great resource for news in acoustic ecology. All news updates in their blog and check out the links page for an extensive list of organisations, projects, and things out there.

World Listening Project

Good resource for projects around the world.

Radio Aporee

The largest world sound map. Hosts Miniture for Mobiles which is a platform for location-based sound work in public space

Sounds of Europe

Large platform for field recording. Every month there s a response to a certain destination within Europe; pieces of work and blog contributions from artists all over the continent.

CRISAP (Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice)

Research group at University for the Arts London. They commision some great projects and have published some fantastic books on sound and listening such as In the Field: the Art of Field Recording and the more recent On Listening. Hosts online exhibitions.

Canadian Electroacoustic Community

Chris Watson

World famous sound recordist.

Hildegard Westerkamp

Researcher at Simon Fraser University. Theorised Soundwalking.

Dallas Simpson

Specialist in binaural sound art

Jez Riley French

(Makes great microphones at: )


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