About Us

The University of Hull is home to the ‘Sounds of Our Surroundings’ research group, involved in projects ranging from musical and phonographical outputs to quantitative scientific survey and investigation.

Current Members:

  • Dr Matthew Barnard (Composer/Sound Artist, University of Hull)
  • Dr Magnus Johnson (Environmental Marine Biologist, University of Hull)
  • Dr Rob Mackay (Composer/Sound Artist, University of Hull)
  • Dr Craig Vear (Composer/Sound Artist, De Montfort University)
  • Dr Phil Wheeler (Environmental Ecologist, University of Hull)

Additionally, the Acoustic Ecology & field recording module is run as part of the Creative Music Technology degree programme at the University of Hull, Scarborough Campus. The module Co-ordinated by Dr. Matthew Barnard (m.barnard@hull.ac.uk).

Current inventory:

Neumann KM 100s with AK 30 and AK 40 capsules

Aquarian Audio H2a XLR hydrophones

OKM Soundman II Studio binaural microphones

Soundfield ST350 microphone

Telinga Pro-7 with Twin Science, StereoDAT microphones and Parabolic Dish

Electromagnetic Coil pick-ups

Zoom H4n and H2 portable recorders

Roland R-26 portable recorders

Sonosax R4 portable recorder

MOTU 4Pre bus-powered soundcards


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